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We believe in preventative dentistry. A dental check up once to twice a year is essential for early detection of teeth and gum problems. If you are a smoker, diabetic or often have teeth problems, you will need to visit your dentist more than the average person.

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Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin layer of porcelain that covers the front of the teeth in your smile zone, they are crafted from durable, attractive shades of porcelain, once fixed in place, your smile looks dramatically different.

Porcelain veneers are ideal for someone with healthy teeth and gum but wants to enhance their smile to a perfect smile, porcelain veneers are the most advanced and attractive type of cosmetic dentistry worldwide.


Teeth whitening is one of the first things we recommend when you are considering a smile makeover, feeling confident about the way you smile is priceless, but if you have dark or discoloured teeth, this will make you feel less confident about your smile, a professional, effective teeth whitening will give you the smile you have always dreamed of


*Types of teeth whitening


  1. Professional take-home whitening kit


Our custom whitening kit include personalized trays and professional whitening gel. Wear your trays once a day, or overnight for 10-14 days, will give you the result you demand.



  1. Zoom, sameday professional whitening


If you want the maximum result without the hassle of wearing trays at home,

if your always on the go, if you have important event coming up, then sameday Zoom whitening is the typical whitening for you, it will give you the maximum result you demand in just one visit.

Also called as (clear aligners), is a type of transparent braces that are made of aligners instead of fixed metal braces.


With clear aligners, you simply wear transparent trays, as directed, each set of aligners will move your teeth to the desired position, you change your aligner every 7-14 days until the whole set is used to reach the perfect alignment of your teeth.


The entire clear aligners system is founded on virtual 3D technology that digitally moves your teeth using special software, from there, the clear aligners will be printed and ready to use.


Clear aligners advantages:


  • Transparent (no metal or wires)
  • Removable (you can eat freely)
  • Comfortable
  • Less steps than fixed braces
  • Digitally designed

Laser dentistry helps to provide minimally invasive, advanced dental treatments, using the latest laser technology to treat soft and hard tissues.


*Use of laser dentistry


  • Treatment of gummy smile
  • Gum depigmentation
  • Opening the gum for implant placement
  • Deep cleaning of gum and soft tissues.

Dental Surgeries are widely used in dentistry, there are many types of dental surgeries but the most common is wisdom tooth extraction.


            *Wisdom tooth extraction

  • When there is inadequate space for the wisdom tooth to erupt.
  • Wisdom tooth is pressing into neighboring teeth
  • Infection or decay associated with the wisdom tooth
  • Pain or swelling of the wisdom tooth
  • Wisdom tooth is causing crowding or teeth misalignment


The first step in wisdom tooth extraction is planning, by using x-rays and 3D digital planning, we evaluate the case and if the wisdom tooth extraction is the best solution, then we explain the process and plan the extraction options.

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