Stretch Mark Removal

It is vitally important that the scars or stretch marks are lighter than the overall skin tone and not raised. The scars or stretch marks need to be “healed” and usually 2 years+ old. Stretch marks and scars cannot be red as this indicates the scar or stretch mark hasn’t fully healed.
If they are red you may benefit from some MCA needling sessions which can gradually lighten or soften the scar/ stretch marks. Some clients may require 2-3 sessions of MCA needling prior to the insertion of pigment which we can advise during your consultation.
An advantage of this treatment is that it is suitable for people who are religious or who do not wish to have tattoos. This is because the technique does not involve creating a traditional tattoo with permanent ink. Instead, the goal is to create the appearance of natural, even skin tone using specially designed pigments or collagen stimulation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MCA needling?
MCA (Multitrepannic collagen actuation) is a treatment that involves the same steps as medical camouflage but without the use of any pigments. This can promote healing of the scar/ stretch marks if they are not yet fully healed or they dip slightly lower than the surrounding skin. Occasionally this may be all that is needed and sometimes this is carried out prior to the insertion of pigments.
Is this treatment suitable for all skin types?
Yes, we treat Fitzpatrick 1-6, although if you are very pale this can be harder to colour match as this skin can almost appear translucent. For skin types that are prone to keloid scarring this treatment wouldn’t be recommended. On darker skin types and if you suffer with hyperpigmentation, there is a risk that the healed area can stay darker beyond the 60 days. This is why a colour match test is recommended to gage the healing process.
Is the treatment safe?
In short yes. You must ensure the practitioner carrying out the treatment is fully trained and the premises you are attending is following guidelines to ensure your health and safety. The pigments can contain elements of some metals which have been proven to be safe in the skin including chromium and titanium dioxide (which are commonly found in most SPF’s) If you have any known allergies to these you would be unsuitable for treatment
Does it hurt?
As the needles penetrate the skin it can cause some minor discomfort however many clients liken it to a scratchy sensation like microneedling. We do not advise a numbing cream for treatment as we wouldn’t want this to affect the pigments in any way. You can take paracetamol prior to treatment but not aspirin as this can thin the blood and cause clotting at the treatment site.
How long do the results last?
This is classed as a permanent procedure much like other forms of pigment insertion like microblading or semi-permanent make up. However, as the pigment is diluted considerably to match skin tones, we would usually advise it lasting from 3-7 years on average. You will find the pigment will slowly fade over time and will differ from person to person depending on immune systems, sun exposure, adherence of aftercare and general healing.
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