Veneers And Hollywood Smile (Lumineers And Glamsmile )

Elite Life Medical Centre

Cosmetic dentistry is about more than just repairing damage done to your teeth over time due to lifestyle or diet choices, it is about making your smile a reflection of what you feel inside. Whether you are looking for restorative cosmetic dental work or an elective procedure to gain more confidence in your smile, the result can be a boost to your physical and emotional health.

With the excellent expertise of our doctors and dental lab, a thin, custom-made shell of ‘tooth-coloured’ material is designed in the perfect way to cover the front surface of your teeth to give you the smile of the stars. The colour of the veneer is also customised according to the colour of your choosing.

We use porcelain veneers, which is actually more stain resistant than natural teeth. You can enjoy your morning coffee and drinks without worry. The perfect dental treatment for a smile makeover!

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