Audiogram, Tympanogram & Otoacoustic Emission

Elite Life Medical Centre

An Audiometry exam is used to test the ability to hear. Sounds vary based on their loudness (intensity) and the speed of sound wave vibrations (tone). Hearing occurs when sound waves stimulate the nerves of the inner ear. The sound then travels along nerve pathways to the brain.

At Elite Medical Centre, the patients can have an Audiometry and Tympanometry exam. An Audiometry exam provides a more precise measurement of hearing. This test can detect hearing loss at any early stage. It may also be used when anyone has hearing problems from any type of reason.

Patients feel no discomfort during the procedure and the length of time varies. An initial screening may take about 15-20 minutes and a detailed Audiometry may take approximately 1 hour. The amount and type of hearing loss may give clues to the cause, and improves the chances of recovering the hearing of adults and children.

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